Introduction to PostGIS and QGIS in an Enterprise Environment

Introduction to PostGIS and QGIS in an Enterprise Environment


Course Description

PostGIS is a spatial extension for PostgreSQL, a widely used relational database management system (RDBMS). PostGIS turns the RDBMS into a fully functional spatial database. With it, one can manage data access permissions, conduct basic and advanced spatial analysis, and automate various tasks through trigger functions.

This course covers the basics of working with a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database in QGIS. Topics covered include connecting to PostGIS in QGIS and PGAdmin4, using the QGIS Database Manager, uploading vector data via QGIS, default symbology, saving projects in the DB, attributes forms, the PostgreSQL permission system, and the basics of SQL and spatial SQL. In the end, participants will have a good understanding of how PostGIS integrates into QGIS and be able to build an enterprise database.

Course Delivery

This course is an e-learning course that includes 10 modules.


$199 CAD per person for 3 months.

Database (Optional)

Private, cloud-based PostgreSQL servers are available for $599 CAD for 3 months.

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