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We are a team of geospatial experts and software engineers building solutions from the ground up.


Our areas of expertise

Geospatial Analysis

Geospatial analysis is used by many sectors, including commercial, government, academia, environmental, public health, and more. We help clients leverage geospatial analysis to solve problems, improve productivity, and increase locational awareness. Possible applications include:

  • Erosion modelling in agricultural or coastal areas.
  • Examining the distribution of archaeological assemblages.
  • Monitoring conservation areas.
  • Defining food deserts and swamps in urban areas.
  • Precision agriculture and farm management.
  • Watershed and subwatershed delineation using 3D terrain analysis.

Remote sensing

We specialize in processing, analyzing, and optimizing earth observation data. We have worked with various sensors and platforms, including Landsat, Sentinel, airborne sensors, LiDAR, and UAVs etc. Remote sensing allows us to:

  • Conduct land cover and land use change analysis.
  • Identify terrain changes over time.
  • Analyze agricultural growth patterns and deficiencies.
  • Quantify and map forest health.
  • Identify and map features in imagery.
  • Monitor municipal bylaw compliance.

Spatial Databases

Designing, building, and managing spatial databases with PostgreSQL/PostGIS is our strength. We build fully managed, cloud-based databases that leverage trigger functions, foreign data wrappers, vector tiles, network analysis, materialized views, and spatial relationships. With QGIS, we integrate some great features to work with PostGIS, such as:

  • Full database management
  • Basic and advanced layer editing
  • Spatial analysis within the database
  • Default symbology
  • Constraints
  • Data import/export functions
  • User and group role management

Open Source GIS

We have been working almost exclusively with open source GIS for well over a decade. Free and open source (FOSS) GIS software is a feature rich and cost effective alternative to proprietary software. We develop solutions for desktop, web, and/or mobile with many FOSS GIS applications, such as:

  • QGIS
  • Geoserver
  • PostGIS
  • GDAL

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Custom software development

Web Applications

Full service web application development using the right framework for the job (e.g. Laravel, Wordpress, Spring). We manage every phase of development, including conceptual UI/UX design, full stack development, QA/QC, app hosting, deployment, and ongoing support and maintenance.


We build custom, cost-effective webGIS applications using PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Geoserver, Leaflet, and Bootstrap. We provide an ever-growing list of basic tools, such as search and zoom, identify, filter, print, and data export. Custom tools can also be created. We provide application hosting and ongoing support and maintenance for all our creations.


Full stack development of dashboard applications including database design and management, ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes, statistical analysis, and data visualization using the latest chart libraries (e.g. chart.js. D3, Highcharts) and Bootstrap for mobile responsiveness.

Mobile Responsive Applications

By taking a mobile-first approach leveraging CSS grid and/or Bootstrap, we ensure that your application can be used on any device, from mobile to desktop. All applications are tested using a variety of iOS, Android, and Windows devices using all available browsers.

Database Applications

We build custom database applications to facilitate role-based, multi-user data management with full CRUD capabilities (create, read, update, delete). Security is key, so we can enable basic or two-factor authentication, soft deletions, and monitoring. REST APIs can also be developed to easily share data openly or restrict access with token-based authentication.

Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection is a rapidly changing geospatial sub-sector with new, innovative solutions released annually. We help clients make an informed decision when choosing either off-the-shelf or custom-built software for data collection by considering XYZ accuracy, GNSS devices, and multi-user editing scenarios.

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About us

Our team of creative and enthusiastic geospatial experts and software engineers help clients leverage the latest technologies. We develop with and support a number of tools, but we are inspired most by open source software. Specifically, we love to work with:

  • Databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and Geopackage
  • GIS software such as QGIS, PostGIS, GDAL, GRASS, and SAGA GIS
  • Webmapping libraries such as Leaflet and OpenLayers
  • GIS servers such as Geoserver, MapServer and QGIS Server
  • Web frameworks and libraries such as Laravel, Wordpress, Bootstrap, jQuery, Spring, React, Angular, VueJS, etc.
  • Programming languages such as PHP, Java, Javascript, and Python
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