The Open Source GIS Tribune – July 2022

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Cliff Patterson, Ph.D. CEO, Luna Geospatial, Inc. Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Great new features in QGIS 3.26

QGIS recently released a 14 minute (!) changelog video that is packed with amazing new features. You can also read the changelog here. There are some great improvements to QGIS’ 3D capabilities, notably to point cloud visualisations and the cross-section tool. There are also a few other gems, like the ability to georeference vector layers in the georeferencer tool. As always, a big thanks to the entire QGIS development team and user community for this release.

QGIS User Statistics

The QGIS development team recently released an analytics portal to monitor global QGIS usage. And yes, it has a map. At the time of writing this, QGIS had been opened over 11 million times globally in the past 30 days. Wow!

QGIS in the Wild

In August, LunaGeo is starting a new webinar series called “QGIS in the Wild” that will show how QGIS is used professionally in academica, business, and the nonprofit sector. Invited guests will give a brief presentation about their work followed by a Q&A session. The goal of this series is to build a body of material to answer the age old question, “who actually uses QGIS?”. So far we have a stellar lineup of people from around the world who are eager to share their experiences using QGIS, but we would love to hear from more of you! If you have a story to tell, email us at

Upcoming Training Session

On Thursday, July 21st, 2022, LunaGeo is offering the course Introduction to QGIS. This course is designed for those with no experience using GIS. We start with a gentle introduction to the science behind GIS before walking participants through 8 tutorials. All of our courses are instructor-led to give you the best learning experience possible. Sign up today as space fills up quickly for this one! Register now