The Open Source GIS Tribune - April 2022

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Cliff Patterson, Ph.D. CEO, Luna Geospatial, Inc. Friday, April 8, 2022

This month, the LunaGeo team will focus on spatial databases to help store, manage, and analyze data. Our first webinar demystifies spatial SQL and shows how it can be used to perform everyday GIS tasks. The demonstration will use PostGIS, the spatial extension for PostgreSQL, a powerful and widely used open source relational database. Building upon the previous webinar, The next webinar discusses Geopackage, a SQLite-based spatial database that can store vector, raster, and tabular data. Both webinars will also show how these databases are integrated into the QGIS environment. Capping off the month will be a 4-hour, instructor-led training session introducing participants to the wonders of PostGIS.

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