QGIS in the Wild - Call for Presentations

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Cliff Patterson, Ph.D. CEO, Luna Geospatial, Inc. Friday, July 15, 2022

We are excited to announce QGIS in the Wild, a bi-weekly webinar series that Luna Geospatial is hosting from August to December 2022. The objective of this webinar series is to showcase people, organisations, educational institutions, and companies that use QGIS (and other open source technologies) professionally. I am always asked the question “who uses QGIS?”, so this is our chance to answer that question collectively! In the end, we will all have a body of knowledge we can point to whenever someone asks that question. All webinars will stream live via Zoom to registered participants and will then be shared on LunaGeo’s YouTube channel.

We are looking for

  • A diverse group of speakers who can tell a good story about how they use QGIS professionally.
  • Representation from a diverse group of countries and sectors (e.g. education, business, NPO, etc.).
  • Stories about migrating to open source GIS.
  • Stories about a specific problem that benefits from the use of QGIS.
  • Examples of how using QGIS was an advantage in some way for your team (e.g. QGIS on every desk).
  • Stories about how QGIS is used in an enterprise environment.
  • Stories about using QGIS in business.

We are NOT looking for

  • Proprietary software bashing. Let’s keep it positive!
  • We are not looking for mind-blowing advances in the use of QGIS. If your organization just uses QGIS as part of their standard workflow to make PDF maps, that’s fine. That is STILL a very interesting story to tell.
  • Likewise, we are not looking for pure tech talks. If you want to give a tech talk, that is fine, but it is not absolutely necessary.


The following weeks are available for presentations.

  • Week of August 15, 2022 Dr. Michele Tobias (UC, Davis)
  • Week of August 29, 2022
  • Week of September 12, 2022 Jose Gras
  • Week of September 26, 2022 Not available
  • Week of October 10, 2022 Not available
  • Week of October 24, 2022 Not available
  • Week of November 7, 2022 Not available
  • Week of November 21, 2022 Not available
  • Week of December 5, 2022 Not available

Interested in presenting?

Let us know!