Introduction to QGIS

Introduction to QGIS


QGIS is a powerful open-source desktop GIS application that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. This introductory course is designed for someone who has limited to no experience in GIS. The course covers basic theoretical concepts in GIS, the application layout, common tools, and analytical methods. Participants will gain a basic understanding of GIS, how to conduct basic analysis, and how to make a map layout. Specifically, participants in this course will:

  • get an overview of the QGIS user interface,
  • create map layouts using the Layout Manager,
  • create new point, line, and polygon layers,
  • conduct overlay analysis,
  • conduct terrain analysis using a LiDAR-derived DEM,
  • analyze multispectral imagery to quantify vegetation abundance and health,
  • and export data to various formats.

Course Delivery

This is an online, e-learning course that includes 9 modules.

Price $199.99 CAD per person for 3-months

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