Free Webinar

Three Spatial Database Designs for PostGIS and QGIS

Tuesday, December 12, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

The central component in any enterprise open source GIS is a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database that integrates with QGIS. At LunaGeo, we design many databases for clients in many different sectors, such as telecommunications, archaeology, agriculture, and environmental consulting. Although no two databases are identical, there are three basic spatial database designs that we tend to use, namely:

  • The Vector Data Warehouse design is the central source of truth for all vector data, which is categorized into various schemas and employs an easy to use layer naming convention.
  • The Replicated Project design creates a project per schema with the exact same table structure in each.
  • The Centralized Project Data design has a single, centralized store of project data and multiple QGIS projects that reference or add to these tables.

Each design is planned and implemented alongside the permission system to ensure data integrity and functionality within an enterprise environment. When integrated into the QGIS environment, the spatial databases are enhanced with attributes forms, default symbology, and custom QGIS plugins. This webinar will explain all the components in each spatial database, from initial table design to QGIS integration.